Tower of Fantasy Announces Launch of Major 3.0 Expansion, Domain 9 Sector, on June 27 1

Tower of Fantasy Announces Launch of Major 3.0 Expansion, Domain 9 Sector, on June 27

The hotly anticipated 3.0 expansion for the hit MMORPG, Tower of Fantasy, has been officially announced for launch on June 27 by publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio. This major update, known as Domain Sector 9, allows players to delve into the mysteries of a forgotten realm packed with new maps, simulacrums, bosses, and gameplay challenges.

Domain 9 Sector, situated within the Aida Spacetime Singularity of the Vera Grand Sea, is a zone that has remained isolated from the rest of the world for over a century, earning it the moniker of the ‘Forgotten Realm.’ Despite appearing similar to the external world, this unique area houses the enigmatic Black Jade Ruins and advanced Timestamp technology, developed to combat the looming threat of Grayspace Entities known as Darkness.

The expansion brings four distinct zones to the table, each influenced by the Four Symbols from ancient culture. Adventurous wanderers will be treated to an immersive experience, exploring the advanced technology of Domain 9 and tackling new puzzles and challenges introduced in this content-rich 3.0 update. New exploration modes, such as relic Speedwalkers for skywalking and cruisers, are set to elevate the gaming experience. In addition, players can look forward to the introduction of the New Smart Servant System and the New Mentorship System, which promises to provide aid during arduous combats and facilitate mentor-apprentice recruitment.

Simulacrums LiuHuo and Yulan are the newest additions to the game’s character roster. LiuHuo, the captor of Darkness, brings her passionate martial nature and a unique Calligraphy Brush weapon to the game, whereas Yulan, one of Domain 9’s top fighters, impresses with the ability to harness the most technologically advanced weapon in the sector.

Additionally, wanderers must prepare to face the newly awakened boss, Zhuyan, discovered within the Black Jade Ruins. With this release, Tower of Fantasy continues its tradition of delivering exciting content and innovative gameplay to its dedicated player base.

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