Black Desert Online Adds Yar! Mini Card Game on PC 1

Black Desert Online Adds Yar! Mini Card Game on PC

Black Desert Online has added a new mini-game for players to enjoy on PC. Yar! is a new card game based on Poker and Yacht that players can play against each other or against NPCs.

Yar!” was added. Yar! is a new type of minigame that you can play with others with cards that have images of NPCs you can meet throughout the world of Black Desert. It is a simple game that was inspired by the classic games of poker and yacht.

It’s easy to understand the rules after playing it a couple of times. The basics revolve around drawing cards a set number of times each turn in order to assemble the best hand of 5 cards to score the maximum number of points possible. You go back and forth with your opponent, committing hands to accumulate points each turn. Strategic planning and a bit of luck are both important factors in winning a game against another Adventurer in Yar!, so embrace the tides of fortune while trying to outwit your opponent.

We hope you’ll enjoy playing Yar! with other Adventurers traveling across distant lands, as well as playing against NPCs in the Black Desert world.

More info about the game and the latest updates can be found on the official BDO site.

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