Black Desert Online Introduces New PvP Modes and Mobile Game Update 1

Black Desert Online Introduces New PvP Modes and Mobile Game Update

Pearl Abyss, the developer behind Black Desert Online, has completed the War of the Roses pre-season, a significant 300vs300 PvP faction war event. This development was followed by the release of a new 15v15 Guild League for Guild versus Guild battles. Additionally, an extensive update for Black Desert Mobile was launched, introducing a new system for skill combinations for all 28 classes and adding the Sherekhan territory for players to explore.

Conclusion of War of the Roses Pre-Season

The War of the Roses pre-season concluded with large-scale battles involving guilds and individuals from North America and Europe. In North America, the victory was claimed by the Kamasylvia faction, led by the Cho Nation guild, over their opponents from O’dyllita, led by the Eferium Guild. The European battles saw the O’dyllita faction emerging victorious. Feedback from participants highlighted the event’s gameplay, the balance between PvE and PvP elements, and server performance.

War of the Roses Features

The War of the Roses was designed to provide a unique large-scale PvP experience, including:

  • Commander Mechanics and Tactical Maps for strategic oversight
  • Faction-specific Skills, Siege Vessels, and NPC Boss encounters
  • A victory condition focused on defeating the enemy’s NPC Commander to win the event.

Introduction of Guild League

Alongside, the Guild League was introduced, featuring a 15v15 PvP mode that aims to make competitive play more accessible. This mode encourages guilds to engage in strategic battles against each other, aiming for victory and competitive recognition.

Black Desert Mobile Update

For Black Desert Mobile, the update introduced the “Land of the Sherekhan” region and the Succession Skill system. This system allows for flexibility in skill combinations, enabling players to tailor their combat strategies. The update is aimed at players within the CP range of 43,000 to 60,000, promoting exploration and strategic combat in the new area.

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