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Blade and Soul: Skysong Isle Launches on May 23

Blade and Soul: Skysong Isle Launches on May 23

A new chapter is about to unfold in the world of Blade & Soul as the game’s latest update, Skysong Isle, is set to be released on May 23.

Blade & Soul fans are eagerly anticipating the addition of the new dungeon, Skysong Isle. With its ominous past of relentless disasters and the tragic tale of sacrificed young girls awakening as formidable demons, the Skysong Isle promises to present players with epic battles like no other. The main antagonist, “Gale Hex Daiyuna”, who soars through the heavens, is a daunting foe players need to conquer in the thrilling environment of the floating island. Victory here will offer players the chance to acquire new weapons and accessories.

Another key feature of this update is the return of the popular Treasure Draw event. Players can look forward to bountiful rewards from daily challenges and login rewards, as well as exciting new items up for grabs.

The update also introduces the brand-new season of Battle Pass, Stormtide Season 1, packed with items to enhance players’ Blade & Soul experience. Purple Rose Chests are also being added, offering players the opportunity to uncover rare loot, including new outfits and invaluable treasures.

On the system update front, the new version brings improvements designed to further optimize the player experience. A highlight is the new equipment recommendation system, which will notify players if there is available equipment with higher stats than the ones currently equipped. Another notable feature is the Auto-Enchant System, allowing players to set the number of enchantments they want to add. Additionally, a Party Leader can now use a ‘Party Communication message’, which will be displayed as a ‘Headline Message’ to all party members in the same zone.

As a part of the new Demonsbane dungeon, the update also includes new weapons, rings, earrings, gloves, and a soul badge.