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Bless Unleashed Review – Is Bless Unleashed Worth Playing in 2024?

Bless Unleashed Review – Is Bless Unleashed Worth Playing in 2024?

Bless Unleashed





  • Stunning Graphics
  • Great Action Combat
  • Good Soundtrack


  • Small Population
  • Gameplay Gets Repetative and Boring

Bless Unleashed is an action RPG developed by Round 8 Studio and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game was released in 2019. It was initially available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The console versions have since been shut down, and only the PC remains available.

The game has certainly gotten its fair share of criticism since being released, and with the shutdown of the console version, the future might not be looking so bright for Bless Unleashed. But is it still worth playing in 2024? Read on to find out.


Bless Unleashed Review - Is Bless Unleashed Worth Playing in 2024? 1
The gameplay in Bless Unleashed is fun for a while, but quickly gets a bit stale.

The character customization options in Bless Unleash are excellent, allowing players to create a unique character.

Players can choose from five classes, each with unique abilities and playstyle. Four races are also available, although this doesn’t affect gameplay much. The Humans and Elves are standard, but the Varg and Ippin races contain more of a unique flavor.

The combat in Bless Unleashed is fast-paced and action-oriented. It is also the best aspect of the game and is one of the few reasons people still play it.

Bless Unleashed Review - Is Bless Unleashed Worth Playing in 2024? 2
Combat is one of the highlights of Bless Unleashed.

The movements are fast and fluid, and attacks are satisfying to land. The game also features a combo system that allows players to chain together attacks for extra damage.

One of the significant weaknesses of Bless Unleashed is its story. While the game has a main storyline, it is predictable and doesn’t do much to draw the player in.

The game also lacks meaningful NPC interaction and dialogue, sometimes making the world feel empty.


Bless Unleashed Review - Is Bless Unleashed Worth Playing in 2024? 3
Can’t complain regarding the graphics.

One of the first things players will notice about Bless Unleashed is its stunning graphics. The game features detailed character models, lush environments, and impressive particle effects that bring the world to life.

Our only critique on the graphical side is that the game’s look is a bit generic and doesn’t stand out from similar games like Black Desert Online or Final Fantasy XIV.


Bless Unleashed has an outstanding soundtrack. Some of it has been made by the legendary composer Hans Zimmer. The music is a mix of soothing and epic tracks that help bring the world to life.

The voice acting is also great, with a talented cast of actors. At least for the earlier part of the game.


Bless Unleashed Review - Is Bless Unleashed Worth Playing in 2024? 4
The population is dwindling.

Bless Unleashed was a game that played better on a console versus the PC, so for a long time, that is where the population was. Since the console versions have been shut down, Bless Unleashed is left with a small PC player base.

According to Steam Charts, Bless Unleashed has around 540 average concurrent players in the last 30 days, which is terrible, considering Steam is the only place you can still play Bless Unleashed.

Is Bless Unleashed Free-to-Play?

Yes, Bless Unleashed is free-to-play.

Is Bless Unleashed Pay-to-Win?

Bless Unleashed is not directly pay-to-win, but it has plenty of convenience items that will help you progress faster in the cash shop.


Bless Unleashed Review - Is Bless Unleashed Worth Playing in 2024? 5
Bless Unleashed is sadly dying.

Bless Unleashed feels like an unfinished and dying game. While the graphics are stunning, there isn’t much else to recommend Bless Unleashed in 2024. With the console version already shut down, and the PC version on life support, we can’t help but feel like the game doesn’t have much time left.

At release, the game had some promise as a casual combat-focused MMO, especially on consoles, but it failed to deliver in the long run. There are some much better options in the genre, like Neverwinter or Black Desert Online, that also has fast-paced action combat and great graphics.

Bless Unleashed doesn’t have enough content or unique features to make it stand out in 2023. If you’re looking for an action-oriented MMO, Bless Unleashed may be worth playing, at least just to see it before it is eventually shut down. We suggest giving other options a try first.


Friday 5th of April 2024

we need to make the owners of the game come back and fix this-- also we need to get the PlayStation and Xbox players back.. it would be really nice if they brought back servers for the console people they really miss it ..


Sunday 8th of October 2023

Well written its exactly what it is haha i can that for sure after 5k hours in bless. Combat and graphics nice . Low player base and no new content and current developer sucks like he works 2 hour per week on bless

Jonathan pedrozo dos Santos Silva

Sunday 1st of October 2023

Boa noite! Pergunta pq fim Ps4 e Xbox one Mas eu não tenho Pc 😞😞 Eu quero volta bless unleashed Ps4 e Xbox one Eu gostei jogando


Wednesday 26th of July 2023

Sorry sir your article is completely junk. You can definitely tell who your sponsors are and who you sponsor against. Find another job.