Broken Ranks Reveals Gear Overhaul Part Two and New Boss Difficulty Levels 1

Broken Ranks Reveals Gear Overhaul Part Two and New Boss Difficulty Levels

Wrocław-based studio, Whitemoon Games, has announced plans to implement significant updates to their popular MMORPG, Broken Ranks, by the end of the month. These changes include the second phase of the gear overhaul and the addition of various boss difficulty levels, a feature highly anticipated by the game’s community.

“The first part of the gear overhaul, implemented in April, was met with a warmer welcome than we expected,” said studio founder Krzysztof Danilewicz. He highlighted the enthusiasm players displayed in raiding bosses to acquire power-enhancing drifs that allowed them to realize their character visions. “Watching them discussing, mixing and matching gear, and trying out new builds was awesome. That was our goal and now comes step two.”

The second phase of the gear overhaul will see all legendary gear, sets, and epics assigned a quality level, denoted by so-called ‘ornaments’. Each gear piece can possess up to nine ornaments, divided into three stages. Higher quality gear with more ornaments can be looted or crafted. These ornaments enhance attributes, resistances, and provide bonuses that amplify other special effects in gear.

Adding to the update, Whitemoon Games will introduce new difficulty levels for selected boss instances. “We’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but first we had to finalize the most important elements of the gear overhaul so that everything fits together nicely,” Danilewicz added. He expressed the studio’s intention to provide not just more content but also new challenges for seasoned players and fresh opportunities for those who prefer smaller group play. To enhance the gaming experience for the latter group, easy instances will also feature an experience bonus for combat-assisting pets.

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