Broken Ranks Set to Release New Update Featuring Gear Overhaul and Endgame Instance 1

Broken Ranks Set to Release New Update Featuring Gear Overhaul and Endgame Instance

Broken Ranks is set to release a new update that promises to bring exciting new features, including a gear overhaul and a new endgame instance. The update is scheduled to go live on April 4th at 10:00 CEST.

Players can expect a host of changes, including a new endgame instance, Sidraga, along with a new introductory quest, The Winged Lady. The instance promises legendary loot and a chance to face off against the boss. Additionally, players can look forward to a gear overhaul that introduces a new gear customization system allowing the insertion of modifiers into legendary gear.

The Bunny Marathon spring event will also make a return, promising an opportunity to win dungeon entry items, experience, utility items, and other prizes, including a new skin. The event will last 72 hours and start on April 8th at 9 AM CEST.

For players at a lower level, a new sidequest, Repulsive Relative, is also introduced, where players help the kholds get rid of an unwelcome guest.

Broken Ranks developers have said that the gear overhaul is just the first part of a broader gear reform, with more changes to come in the future. They have encouraged players to keep up with the changes and provide feedback to help further balance the game.

The game developers have also expressed their gratitude towards the players for their valuable feedback and dedication, which has helped shape the game. The new update promises to be a challenge for the strongest players, but with new gear options, it’s sure to make the gameplay more exciting at all stages.

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