Broken Ranks Share Plans for the Near Future 1

Broken Ranks Share Plans for the Near Future

In a recent article on the official Broken Ranks website, the developers have shared detailed information about the plans for the future. The focus of the next update will be on the veteran players of the game.

The upcoming update will include gear reform, instance difficulty settings, epics 2.0, and a new instance for high-level players (level 120-140). The developers have decided to add a completely new instance for high-level players in the next major content patch, which will be located in a winter area of the game world. The new boss and mobs will be transferred from the city Thalia, which was planned to be a mid-level map, to the snowy land. The Thalia will be introduced in the next content update along with the next part of the main storyline, dedicated to mid-level players (level 40-60).

The developers have also announced a gear reform, which will change the variety of gear in the game. The reform will include synergetics, which were not present in The Pride of Taern, and have become very popular due to their high availability, merge potential, and the ability to customize them.

The instance difficulty settings and epics 2.0 will also be part of the upcoming update. The developers are working to ensure that all changes in the update will provide new challenges and exciting experiences for the players.

Fans of ‘Broken Ranks’ will have to be patient, as the developers have stated that they want to deliver something really good and new, instead of rushing from one update to another. The developers hope that the players’ patience will be rewarded with an update that meets their expectations.

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