Whitemoon Games Announces Gear Reform and New Endgame Instance for Broken Ranks 1

Whitemoon Games Announces Gear Reform and New Endgame Instance for Broken Ranks

Whitemoon Games has shared a new update for their MMO Broken Ranks, which includes a reform to legendary gear. The company had previously shared their plans for the changes in legendary gear, and the response was mostly positive. However, they also received feedback from players, which they took into consideration when planning the update.

Due to the amount of work required, the reform will be divided into several steps, with the first update set to take place in the first half of April. The update will include the ability to insert modifiers into rares, remove, change, and merge them. Additionally, the new system of gaining psychoexperience will be implemented, allowing players to level up modifiers instead of gear. This will be made possible by turning the modifiers into separate items called drifs, which will have special slots for inserting them into legendary gear.

One of the key changes is a limitation on accumulating effects. Drifs will function normally up to a certain threshold, after which players will see diminishing returns for every subsequent instance of the modifier that they insert into their gear. It will also not be possible to insert two drifs of the same type into one piece of gear, and each piece of gear will have a certain capacity, preventing players from accumulating all the strongest drifs in a single item.

The update is aimed at preventing players from creating overpowered characters while still allowing them to customize their characters with various modifiers. Whitemoon Games hopes that this change will help with edge cases while encouraging players to experiment with diverse gear choices.

In addition to the gear reform, the update will also introduce an alternative to the classic upgrading system, additional slots that provide attribute bonuses instead of psychomodifiers, starred gear, and various features related to it. The update will also feature a changeable difficulty level of instances where players will be able to acquire higher quality gear.

Whitemoon Games is also working on the development of a new endgame instance. While details are scarce, the company has announced that it will be adjusted for the true endgame and will include puzzles and various opponents that players must defeat before facing the boss. The instance will be set in an area that was inspired by an idea from the company’s old notebook. The mini-boss Hellar has been revealed, but the company is keeping the rest of the details under wraps to prevent spoilers.

Whitemoon Games Announces Gear Reform and New Endgame Instance for Broken Ranks 2

Overall, the latest update to Broken Ranks promises to bring significant changes to the game’s gear system and introduce a new endgame instance that is sure to challenge even the strongest players. Whitemoon Games is actively testing the new mechanics with external testers and is working to adjust the final values before the update’s release.

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