Cinderstone Online Delays Chapters 2 and 3 Development 1

Cinderstone Online Delays Chapters 2 and 3 Development

The development team behind the MMO Cinderstone Online has announced that the release of chapters 2 and 3 has been delayed due to several bugs discovered during the first pass. To address these issues, the team has re-evaluated their quest creation process and developed a new system that reduces the risk of bugs and errors.

The new system will allow for quicker creation of quests and make it easier to add new content in the future. Players can also expect a new in-game bug-reporting system and improvements to the scene system. The development team is working to deliver chapters 2 and 3 as soon as possible while ensuring the best possible gameplay experience.

The founder’s pack is still available for purchase and provides players access to the closed beta, as well as supports the development of the game. The team is looking forward to releasing chapters 2 and 3 and adding more content in the future.

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