Cinderstone Online's Patch Update Rolls Out Amid Steam Early Access Await 1

Cinderstone Online’s Patch Update Rolls Out Amid Steam Early Access Await

As developers of Cinderstone Online await Valve’s green light to launch Early Access on Steam, they’re hardly sitting idle. In the interim, they have been working relentlessly on the game’s first patch, incorporating player feedback and refining gameplay mechanics.

The first patch was announced via a post on the official Cinderstone Online website, detailing the addition of new features and bug fixes aimed at elevating the gameplay experience.

A significant update includes the introduction of weapon crafting, a feature that is expected to add a new dimension to the gameplay. In conjunction with this, receipts for level 20 weapons for all three classes have been added. Materials and books required for crafting will spawn in Wellington, dropped by the Wellington boss.

In another notable addition, the update introduces a 3v3 Arena, offering players new opportunities for cooperative and competitive gameplay. Furthermore, the patch has removed the destroyed state from all nodes, a change that is likely to impact game dynamics in significant ways.

As for bug fixes, the update rectifies issues across a number of areas. Notable fixes include the adjustment of the node in Wellington, a resolution to the problematic mission 2-7 cutscene featuring the character Deirdre, and the fixing of an animation error concerning Deirdre. Furthermore, issues with the character Iordanis disappearing during mission 2-7 have been addressed, and item requirements for mission 2-8 have been revised.

The update also sees additions to the game’s story progression with the inclusion of an end to chapter 2 cutscene. An issue concerning a rare case where players would find themselves stuck in a party, unable to leave or engage in any other activity, has been addressed.

In the interests of maintaining gameplay fairness, an exploit in the global node events, allowing players to infinitely buy and sell items, has been fixed. Finally, the lava dungeon sound has been fixed, and an issue preventing players from starting PvP queues has been resolved.

As they await Valve’s approval, the Cinderstone Online team has expressed appreciation for player patience, encouraging the community to continue providing invaluable feedback and bug reports. The team hopes that these updates will significantly enhance the gaming experience in the world of Cinderstone Online, setting a positive precedent for the upcoming Early Access phase on Steam.

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