Runescape: Necromancy Details Revealed 1

Runescape: Necromancy Details Revealed

The creators of RuneScape have finally lifted the veil on their latest combat style, Necromancy, and it seems the wait has been worth it. Jagex plans to release the new stand-alone combat style later this year, promising a variety of experiences for every type of player.

Leveraging the lessons learned from the development of Archaeology, the path to becoming a master Necromancer is claimed to be both diverse and enthralling. Players can expect a fresh combat style, new equipment upgrades, a breathtaking new location, numerous Necromantic quests, non-combat rituals, fresh Runes, and an epic storyline encompassing the struggle between life and death in Gielinor.

Similar to the Archaeology skill, the journey to Necromancy mastery also extends up to level 120, with the first 20 levels accessible to free-to-play adventurers.

Understanding the Necromancy Combat Style

Runescape: Necromancy Details Revealed 2

Uniquely positioned outside of the existing combat triangle, Necromancy functions as a fully-fledged combat system, featuring dual-wield weapons, armor, abilities, and incantations, while supporting skills and items that work with existing combat styles.

Players will harness two types of Necromantic power as they undertake the role of Necromancers: Necrotic attacks and the power to conjure the dead, the latter realized through the use of the Spirit Lantern. A novel feature called Incantations provides a unique Necromantic spellbook, enhancing the combat experience.

A More Approachable Combat Experience

Runescape: Necromancy Details Revealed 3

Combat in RuneScape has been notoriously complex. The team at Jagex has kept this in mind during the development of Necromancy, aiming for an experience that is straightforward to learn but rewarding to master. This is achieved through an extensive tutorial, curated quests, and clear challenges that guide players’ growth in power and skill.

The armor and weapons used in Necromancy can be upgraded without the need to chase drops. By completing quests and challenges, players can use new materials to upgrade their gear, allowing them to take on RuneScape’s toughest enemies through skill experience.

The City of Um and the Threat of The First Necromancer

Runescape: Necromancy Details Revealed 4

The storyline for Necromancy takes place in the underworld City of Um, which has been taken over by The First Necromancer. Players will have to wield Necromancy to free the enslaved undead residents and thwart The First Necromancer’s plot to end death itself.

Rituals and Talents: New Elements of Gameplay

The Necromancy update also introduces Rituals and Talents. Rituals are non-combat skilling-style experiences that provide XP and new items/materials. Talents offer new or upgraded abilities as permanent unlocks for combat.

To fuel the new Incantations, players will have to craft Necrotic Runes using RuneCrafting skills. These runes come in four types: Bone, Spirit, Flesh, and Miasma.

Ongoing Development and Player Feedback

The Necromancy expansion is designed to evolve with player feedback. Jagex has already collaborated with Content Creators from across the RuneScape community to refine the new skill based on pre-launch playtesting. Their insights will shape Necromancy for the final release and beyond.

Following the launch, Jagex will continue to refine Necromancy based on player feedback and will introduce new quests, events, bosses, abilities, and equipment.

In preparation for the new skill, players are advised that certain existing items in the game will be utilized by Necromancy. The list of these items has been published to ensure all players can prepare equally.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Necromancy skill

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