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Lord of the Rings Online Releases New Chapter with Update 36: Gondor Renewed

Lord of the Rings Online Releases New Chapter with Update 36: Gondor Renewed

The latest update to the long-running Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO), Update 36: Gondor Renewed, was launched today, opening a new chapter in the story set in the world of Middle-earth. This update is of special note as it introduces the refreshed realm of King’s Gondor East and a fresh storyline, ‘The Song of Waves and Wind.’

Taking place after Sauron’s defeat, the narrative follows King Elessar and Queen Arwen as they strive to establish peace in Gondor. Despite the victory, danger continues to loom over their kingdom as new foes, the Heirs of Castamir, threaten its tranquillity. Players can explore the newly-added zone of King’s Gondor East, where the sun shines once more after the cessation of the Dawnless Day. The stage is set for a thrilling adventure as players team up with fan-favorite characters like Legolas and Gimli.

The fresh quest line, ‘The Song of Waves and Wind,’ accessible to level 140 characters, is set to be an integral part of the new narrative. Players can commence their journey by meeting Glindor in Minas Tirith (Midsummer). The quest line is open to VIP members, purchasers of the “Gondor Renewed” quest pack, or those who acquire quest packs related to the storyline in future releases.

The Gondor Renewed quest pack offers more than 80 quests and Deeds for level 140 characters, and it’s free for VIPs. Those eager to explore King’s Gondor can do so by traveling to Minas Tirith (After Battle) and proceeding South through the Pelennor Fields. Once an impassable region, these fields now open up a new path of exploration.

Along with these exciting additions, Update 36 reworks the Landscape Difficulty setting system initially introduced with Treebeard. This feature is now available in general game worlds, offering a new layer of challenge. Players can adjust their difficulty level by interacting with a Hardened Traveller, found in major hubs and new player zones throughout Middle-earth. A variety of titles are up for grabs for players who can maintain a difficulty of 3 or higher from levels 10 to 50 and subsequently to level 130.

Lastly, more Delvings are now accessible. The Annúminas instances Glinghant, Haudh Valandil, and the Great Barrows instances Sambrog, Thadûr, and The Maze have been retooled to be playable as Delvings, available via the Instance Finder.

With Gondor Renewed, LOTRO continues to expand and refine its vast world, giving players more to explore and accomplish in the realm of Middle-earth. As Tolkien fans await further quests, Update 36 looks set to provide hours of adventure and discovery.