"Mad World Adds New Dungeons, PVE Areas, and Arena Upgrades in Latest Update 1

“Mad World Adds New Dungeons, PVE Areas, and Arena Upgrades in Latest Update

Mad World has just released the latest update for the isometric MMO. The new features promise to reshape the landscape of the game and provide players with fresh challenges, immersive experiences, and rewarding gameplay.

First off, Mad World will introduce two new combat dungeons to the game, the Den of Sand Robbers and Mutants’ Assault Zone. Both dungeons come with their respective bosses, promising gold and item rewards upon completion. The dungeons, intended for solo play, will have a daily entrance limit. Furthermore, the addition of these dungeons implies changes in the daily entrance limits for pre-existing combat dungeons.

Also, in this update, the game developers have rolled out a new nurturing system for tribes, which allows players to raise the level of their tribes and increase their population limit. This is a significant shift in the social aspect of the game, potentially leading to new dynamics and rivalries within the gaming community.

The update also unveils a much-awaited feature – the arena system. This allows players to test their skills against each other in various battle formats, either individually or in teams. Players will need to earn battle coins to participate in these matches, adding an extra layer of strategy and competition to the game. Notably, the points earned in the arena can be used to upgrade players’ rank.

"Mad World Adds New Dungeons, PVE Areas, and Arena Upgrades in Latest Update 2

Moreover, two new PVE areas, Northern Cultivation Area and Steadfast Field, are being added to the game. These areas come with a collection of new bosses and elites to battle, promising high XP and high-grade item rewards.

On the crafting front, the update introduces an ‘ether’, the best crafting material available. This is set to shake up the game’s crafting system, offering an extremely high success rate for crafting. Additionally, Sasha’s crafting level will be changed to a maximum of level 77, and various quests have been added to assist players in raising their crafting level.

Last but not least, a number of significant content improvements are on the horizon, including the addition of daily and weekly quests, an improved chat system, a changed appearance time for the field event boss, improved PVP system, and increased max quantity for certain items.

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