ESO Previews The Blackwood Zone 1

ESO Previews The Blackwood Zone

Can’t wait to explore The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood? Well, now you can at least get a small preview of the Blackwood zone.

According to Zenimax the zone will be a massive one, caught between two worlds, the Imperial province of Cyrodiil and the Argonian homeland of Black Marsh.

“Blackwood bridges the gap between the idyllic hills and deciduous forests of Cyrodiil and the low-lying swamps and marshes of Black Marsh,” explains CJ Grebb, ESO’s Art Director. “The northern region is prone to periodic flooding from rivers that flow down to the Nibenay Bay, and long-abandoned settlements and ruined castles dot the landscape, a testament to nature’s ultimate power.”

If you want to get in on the ESO action right away, you can get the base game and/or Greymoor at heavy discounts until April 14th.

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