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Major Update for Gloria Victis: Season of Feudal Lords Begins

Major Update for Gloria Victis: Season of Feudal Lords Begins

Gloria Victis has recently launched its latest update, titled “Update 364 – Season of Feudal Lords”. As the title suggests, this update introduces several major changes to the gameplay, focusing on guild dynamics, combat, and location ownership.

New Features: Guilds and Location Ownership

In a shift towards more dynamic faction interactions, guilds can now own and profit from national locations. The location ownership is determined by the guild’s accumulated Fief points, earned by defending and caring for a location. The reintroduced Guild technology, the Sangmarian Official, further boosts these profits and offers discounts at guild-owned locations.

This update also introduces a novel system allowing players to construct and repair specific structures during ongoing sieges, adding a new layer of strategy and activity to these large-scale conflicts.

Improved Combat and Loot Systems

Combat enthusiasts will be thrilled with the tweaks and improvements made to the Humanoid AI, making NPC encounters more engaging. Furthermore, NPCs and chests in the loot zone now drop more lucrative loot, incentivizing players to hunt them down for substantial in-game income.

Season-based Ranking: Glory

A new ranking system called Glory has been introduced, which is season-based and lasts around 2 months. This system rewards players for activity in faction versus faction PvP, with the top performers earning unique titles and gold. Each Thursday night, players will receive Contribution Points – an in-game currency used to purchase special items from the Glory Quartermasters. The amount of CP earned depends on a player’s position in the leaderboard.

Weekly Community Recognition

The developers have also established a “Video of the Week” initiative to celebrate the creativity of the player community. Every week, they award 2000 ambers to the author of the most remarkable video posted by the community. The inaugural award went to Skryta Modliszka.

Quality of Life Improvements and Fixes

Update 364 also introduces a plethora of quality of life improvements and bug fixes. A key improvement is the tweak to the reinforcement window, providing players with more precise information. Additionally, they’ve reworked how crafting level impacts the chance of successful reinforcement. The reinforcement chance now depends on an item’s maximum crafting level instead of the player’s overall crafting level.

Combat has also been given an upgrade, with the inclusion of humanoid AI tweaks and improvements, and the introduction of new burning effects which bring a fresh look to burning structures while consuming less performance power.

Gloria Victis remains committed to continuously improving the gaming experience for its players, and the Season of Feudal Lords update represents a significant step forward in its evolution. Fans and newcomers alike can look forward to engaging in the game’s enhanced faction versus faction PvP and capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the newly introduced features.