Server Merges and 64-bit Client Announced in EverQuest's Latest Producer's Letter 1

Server Merges and 64-bit Client Announced in EverQuest’s Latest Producer’s Letter

Daybreak’s Head of Studio Jenn Chan is back with a new Everquest Producer’s Letter. In the letter, Chan talks about the upcoming Terror of Luclin expansion which is currently available for pre-order and in beta testing.

The biggest announcement of the letter though was the news that Everquest will be getting a 64-bit client sometime in early 2022, after the launch of Terror of Luclin.

If you’re like many of us, your minds were blown when video game technology went from 8-bit to 16-bit. (Here’s looking at you, speedy blue guy!) Personally, I’m very excited to finally and officially announce 64-bit clients and servers are coming for EverQuest! This was and continues to be a big endeavor and we plan to post an article about it soon. Just know that it’s coming, and we’re aiming for an early 2022 launch after the release of Terror of Luclin. (It will be coming to the beta server sooner than that, though.)

A new round of server merges set to take place in 2022 as well was also announced. Not many details were given on the merges but more updates on the subject are also expected for early 2022.

Chan also took a moment to talk about the upcoming fundraising event for Extra Life and Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

One other important milestone for us is partnering up again with Extra Life to help raise funds for Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. They really do make a difference in so many children’s lives and on a personal note, they hold a special place in my heart for what they’ve done for my family. When we did this last year, we hoped it would go well, and all of you far exceeded our expectations. We’re back at it again this year, and we’d love it if you got involved again. Give a donation or help spread the word—we just want you to be part of this again. You can join our Darkpaw Games team by clicking here. Fundraising will continue through the rest of 2021 but mark your calendar for November 6. That is Extra Life’s official day to stream EverQuest and EverQuest II to help raise awareness.

Read the full letter over at the official Everquest website

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