FINAL FANTASY XIV Xbox Series X|S Open Beta Test Launches This February 1

FINAL FANTASY XIV Xbox Series X|S Open Beta Test Launches This February

Square Enix has revealed that the open beta test for the Xbox Series X|S version of FINAL FANTASY XIV is set to kick off on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, starting at around 12:00 a.m. (PST). This beta phase presents a unique opportunity for Xbox owners who have yet to delve into the expansive and ever-evolving world of FINAL FANTASY XIV to experience its rich narrative, complex gameplay, and vibrant community.

Exclusive to New Players

The open beta is specifically tailored for new players, allowing those who have never before played FINAL FANTASY XIV to embark on their adventure in this critically acclaimed MMORPG. This initiative aims to widen the game’s audience and bring fresh faces into the fold, offering an ideal chance for existing players to introduce their Xbox-owning friends to the game.

Steps to Participate

Joining the open beta requires a few straightforward steps, beginning with adjusting privacy settings on the Xbox Series X|S to enable multiplayer and communication features. These settings are crucial for participating in the game’s online environment, ensuring players can fully engage with the community and cooperative aspects of FINAL FANTASY XIV.

Following the adjustment of settings, participants need to download the FINAL FANTASY XIV Free Trial from the Microsoft Store onto their Xbox Series X|S. The trial includes comprehensive content, mirroring the free trial version available on other platforms, but it will exclude the option for Online Store purchases during the beta phase.

No Xbox Game Pass Required

Notably, the open beta and the Free Trial version do not require an Xbox Game Pass subscription, allowing unrestricted access to players interested in exploring what FINAL FANTASY XIV has to offer. However, the complete game, post-open beta, will necessitate an Xbox Game Pass plan.

Guidelines for Existing Players

Players who already have experience with FINAL FANTASY XIV on other platforms or have an existing Square Enix account linked to the game will need to wait for the full Xbox Series X|S version release to play. The open beta is exclusively for newcomers, emphasizing Square Enix’s goal to expand the game’s community on the Xbox platform.

Transition to Official Release

Following the conclusion of the open beta test, Square Enix plans to launch the official Xbox Series X|S version. The transition will be seamless, with game data transferred so players won’t need to redownload the game. Further details regarding the official release date and any necessary maintenance updates will be announced in due course.

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