Final Fantasy XIV's Next Expansion's Story is Almost Complete According to Naoki Yoshida 1

Final Fantasy XIV’s Next Expansion’s Story is Almost Complete According to Naoki Yoshida

According to Naoki Yoshida, the director of Final Fantasy XIV, the story for the next expansion has been almost been completed.

In a recent episode of ‘From Eorzea with Love,’ an FFXIV-themed radio show with special guests Yoshida and lead composer Masayoshi Soken, Yoshida confirmed that the writers had recently finished up a scenario writing retreat. This type of retreat has been used before by FFXIV writers to work on the outline for the story for future expansions.

The podcast host Nanjou Yoshina is also the voice actor for Krile in FFXIV and it seems that Krile will have a larger role in the upcoming expansion.

This is exciting news for FFXIV fans who have been waiting patiently for more information about the next expansion. With the story now complete, it seems that we can expect more details to be revealed soon.

Stay tuned!

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