Gloria Victis Community Receives Work in Progress Insight 1

Gloria Victis Community Receives Work in Progress Insight

The Gloria Victis community has been given an update on the development of the game. The update, provided by KomaGV, includes information on the team’s current work in progress and plans for future updates.

One of the main issues addressed in the update was the imbalance between loot zones and non-loot zones. Currently, players can obtain the same resources in non-loot zones, which has made the loot zones less attractive. To rectify this, the team plans to move three big events – Ragi, Sirius, and Brandon – to the loot zone area. The team is also working on reclassifying resources into tiers and assigning them to specific zones.

The team also plans to make each location on the world map have resources that are unique to that area. This means players will need to travel to different locations to acquire all the resources they need. To make this process easier, the team will be placing marketplaces in all locations.

The team is also expanding on the carrying objects feature, with plans to add a spawner for arrows and barrels on towers to replenish arrows. In addition, the team is working on a new kind of event where guilds will deliver special packages to designated locations, earning experience in guild technologies.

Finally, the team has announced a new 5v5 PvP tournament event on the European server, which will take place on May 13th. The previous tournament was highly successful, with almost 130 players expressing interest in participating. The team encourages players to watch the video of the previous tournament on Twitch and prepare for the upcoming event.

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