Gloria Victis Update Brings Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes 1

Gloria Victis Update Brings Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes

Gloria Victis, the medieval-themed MMORPG, has recently received a new update which introduces several quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and optimization changes. The update is the first regular update since the game’s 1.0 launch, and it aims to improve the player experience while fixing some of the most pressing issues.

One of the notable changes in the update is the introduction of Questboards in the starting islands of each faction. These Questboards offer an alternative way of progression behind the starting quests within the safe zones, making it easier for players to level up their characters. Additionally, several server-side optimization improvements have been made, which should result in better performance and stability.

In terms of bug fixes, the update addresses several reported issues with NPC dialogs, clipping issues on all brigantine armors, and the culling settings of Praetorian’s Cuirass (male version). Moreover, the update fixed the Treasure Map quest near Lordly Haven, where the interactive object was previously misplaced under the ground and couldn’t be used.

The update also includes a few minor changes, such as changing the Christmas-related items into the Recruit’s items and awarding the screenshot authors of AntonioRMS, CloudsofSmoke, and KristMasIsHere with Ambers in the next few days.

The Gloria Victis team hopes that the latest update will address the most pressing issues and improve the player experience. The team also thanked the players for their support and dedication, which has made the world of Gloria Victis so populated and alive.

Overall, the update seems to be a positive step in the right direction for Gloria Victis, which continues to offer a unique and immersive medieval-themed MMORPG experience.

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