Arkesia's Heroes Prepare for War in New Realm versus Realm Mode: Tulubik Battlefield 1

Arkesia’s Heroes Prepare for War in New Realm versus Realm Mode: Tulubik Battlefield

Arkesia’s heroes are gearing up for war as the highly anticipated Tulubik Battlefield launches this March. This new addition to the game introduces a Realm versus Realm battle mode, where players choose between two conflicting Factions – the machine-loving Preigelli or the lawless Liebertane – and fight for control over the war-torn continent of Rowen.

To participate in the battle, players must reach Item Level 1445 and complete the “Cataclysmic Eliyabeck” world quest to select their Faction. From there, they can earn Faction XP through various activities such as co-op quests and taking out opposing Faction members, which can be exchanged for valuable rewards like honing materials, card packs, mounts, and skins.

The battle takes place in 96-player matches where each Faction captures bases and defeats foes to prove their supremacy. The more bases captured, the faster a side’s Magick will increase. The side with more Magick will take total control of the battlefield and emerge as the victor.

Arkesia's Heroes Prepare for War in New Realm versus Realm Mode: Tulubik Battlefield 2

Players can increase their contribution level by taking down opponents, capturing bases, and materializing a powerful spirit knight to support their side on the field. After the final sliver of Magick is obtained and the battle has been decided, players will receive rewards such as Faction XP and Sylmael Crystals based on their performance.

The war will only take place during certain times of the week, as announced in-game. Regular matches will occur on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8:00 PM local time, with additional matches on Saturday and Sunday at 3:00 PM local time. During times when 96-player matches are unavailable, players can participate in 30 to 96-player Friend Matches. Co-op quests and Field Boss battles are also available throughout the week.

To enter Tulubik Battlefield, players must have a Faction Rank of 3 and an Item Level of 1490. They can access the battle by clicking on the “Rowen Battlefield” icon on the minimap or going to the battlefield entrance at either Regarbank Great Plains or Fighter’s Haven. The battle can also be accessed from major cities, always available islands, and the player’s Stronghold.

As players gear up for war, the fate of Rowen hangs in the balance. Will they maintain order or unleash rebellion? Only time will tell as the battle commences in Tulubik Battlefield.

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