Guild Wars 2 Unveils New Expansion: "Secrets of the Obscure" Launching August 2023 1

Guild Wars 2 Unveils New Expansion: “Secrets of the Obscure” Launching August 2023

The Guild Wars 2 Team has announced a new expansion, “Secrets of the Obscure,” which is set to launch on August 22, 2023, inviting players to a whole new chapter in the world of Tyria.

Promising to take players to new heights, the expansion will feature maps in the skies above Tyria and offer challenging combat scenarios against invaders from the Mists. Alongside this, new combat options will also be available for players to master, further enhancing the gaming experience. The team also revealed plans for major releases every few months following the launch, expanding the story, features, and introducing new rewards.

Prepurchase for “Secrets of the Obscure” is already available via the official Guild Wars 2 web store, in-game store, Steam, and other official retailers. Pre-purchasers will receive three exclusive rewards: the Demon Hunter title, the Arcane Spellweaver’s Hat Skin, and an Eagle Eye weapon skin of their choice. These will be available in the game as soon as players apply the “Secrets of the Obscure” registration code to their account.

To give fans a glimpse of what’s to come, Guild Wars 2 will host a combat beta weekend from June 29 to July 2, where players can sample some of the new gameplay features. The launch of the expansion on August 22, at approximately 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time, will open up the first arc of the new epic story and two new maps. The game’s developers also indicated that additional content will be released roughly every quarter following the expansion, offering more chapters to the story, new maps, and additional features.

Fans and players eager to delve into the details of the “Secrets of the Obscure” can visit the official Guild Wars 2 website where additional information about the expansion’s combat systems, storyline, and rewards is provided. To keep up with the latest news and announcements, players are also encouraged to subscribe to the Guild Wars 2 newsletter and official blog.

The upcoming “Secrets of the Obscure” expansion marks another exciting chapter in the Guild Wars 2 universe, giving fans and players even more content and thrilling experiences to look forward to in the world of Tyria.

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