Holiday Events DCUO and Eve Online 1

Holiday Events DCUO and Eve Online

Two more MMOs have started their seasonal holiday events.

Season Greedings is now underway in DC Universe Online, the event lasts all the way to January 7th.

Three new feats wiill be available for players to obtain, along with three new Henchmen Uplink Devices based on Green and Red Lantern Corps and Sinestro Corp

In Eve Online, the Winter Nexus began today, where players can run into Volatile Ice Storms:

Exclusive to the Winter Nexus holiday season, Volatile Ice Storms will appear and travel between systems in High, Low, and Null Security space, bringing specific environmental effects and content. With this seasonal weather come the Wightstorm combat sites, hacking sites, and ice mining sites.

Players can also earn rewards by logging in on all the 13 days of the Nexus.

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