How To Get Ready For The Burning Crusade If You Haven't Gotten Into Beta 1

How To Get Ready For The Burning Crusade If You Haven’t Gotten Into Beta

The Burning Crusade has officially gone into beta testing for Classic World of Warcraft, so it’s time to break out your old TBC Zboard, stack up on some Horde or Alliance mountain dew, and read up on the old/new expansion in your favorite gaming magazine, because you didn’t get a beta key.

In this article, we will get you ready and pumped for TBC whether you got into the beta or not in just 5 steps (or watch the video below).

Step 1: Watch The Blizzcon TBC Announcement and the official Burning Crusade gameplay trailer

A crucial step for any game launch is to get an early look at gameplay. Forget about the cinematic, that’s just fluff.

Step 2: Soak Up All The Info You Can From The Offical Website

The current World of Warcraft site is just terrible, but thankfully you can go back in time with the Wayback Machine and use the site as it was at the launch of The Burning Crusade instead, all the good stuff is there.

How To Get Ready For The Burning Crusade If You Haven't Gotten Into Beta 2
Look at how cute Chris Metzen is down in the corner there.

Step 3: Watch These Launch Videos To Get Ready For Long Queues

Back in 2007, these queues were in real life, which won’t happen in 2021, but you can still look forward to long virtual queues.

These early videos are also filled with fantastic inspirational quotes from some of Azeroth’s and Outland’s true heroes.

I gank noobs all day every day

-Pasty guy in hoodie

I would say that the Night Elves are probably 17.34% hotter than the Blood Elves.

-Guy in beanie

There’s no reason for a supernatural adventure to have birthing hips.

-Guy in orange hat

Step 4: Order The Collector’s Edition

World of Warcraft is all about being better than your friends, and one way you can be is to get an edition of the game that is much more expensive without giving you any real benefits.

Paying hundreds of dollars for a box for a game that you will be able to download for free is a small price to pay, even if you are quitting your job to play TBC.

How To Get Ready For The Burning Crusade If You Haven't Gotten Into Beta 3

Step 5: Watch Jeffrey Kaplan Talk About How The Draenei Female Is Very Beautiful and The Male Is Very Buff

Well, he talks about other things as well so definitely watch the interview to get all the info about the new (very old) expansion.

That’s it! You are now ready for The Burning Crusade. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope for that beta key in the near future. How will you get ready for TBC? Let us know in the comments.

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