How To Prepare For Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory – Contains Spoilers! 1

How To Prepare For Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory – Contains Spoilers!

The forthcoming Final Fantasy Endwalker Patch 6.2 Buried Memory is arriving in late August. This major FF XIV update includes some of the most-awaited features and unexpected content.

Please note that the announcement refers to Patch 6.2 as a whole, meaning that some of these features will come a few months later than August in Patch 6.25.

We will explore the most important additions and advise you on how to get ready, so you can jump on the action on day one, whenever that is.

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Endwalker quests to complete before Patch 6.2

Endwalker Main Quest Scenario – You have to be up to date with the MSQ to unlock further level 90 content. Just complete the quests that bear the flaming marker until the message in the upper left corner of the screen says “To be continued”. Completion of the current MSQ conditions the following quests.

Newfound Adventure – This quest starts the Post Endwalker MSQ. FFXIV Patch 6.2 carries on with the MSQ and adds The Fell Court of Troia, a new dungeon.

The Crystal from Beyond – The first quest in the Pandaemonium quest chain that unlocks Asphodelos, the first four eight-player Endwalker raids.

A Mission in Mor Dhona – The first quest in the Mythos of the Realm quest chain that unlocks Aglaia, the first 24-player Endwalker alliance raid.

Get up to speed on Hildibrand’s Saga for the Manderville Relic Weapons

How To Prepare For Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory – Contains Spoilers! 2

Final Fantasy XIV’s comic relief becomes a fundamental character in acquiring the new and shiny Endwalker’s relic weapons.

If you thought you knew what Hildi’s father can do with his hammer, just wait until Patch 6.25.

Godbert Manderville, the goldsmith of Eorzea, and Gerolt Blackthorn, the blacksmith of Eorzea, play crucial roles in this new story.

Relic weapons originated in A Realm Reborn. Each expansion has its dedicated version. We obtain and upgrade them through a series of activities such as quests, dungeons, FATEs, and more.

The progression system for the Endwalker relics will focus on questing. The quest line Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures becomes a prerequisite for obtaining the Endwalker relics. So, we must partake in Hildi’s shenanigans all over Eorzea and beyond, starting with A Realm Reborn.

We’ve listed the first quest in the Hildibrand chain for each expansion.

A Realm Reborn – The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen.

Heavensward – A Gentleman Falls, Rather Than Flies.

Stormblood – A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East.

Endwalker – The Sleeping Gentleman.

Gain enough item level for the new PvE content

How To Prepare For Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory – Contains Spoilers! 3

Patch 6.2 brings the second part of the Pandaemonium eight-player raid. Our foray into the Elpis fortress continues with four new encounters.

First things first, you must complete the four Asphodelos Circles and make sure to have at least 580 item level.

You can easily obtain 590 item level gear using Tomestones of Astronomy. This way, you can start the introductory quest for Abyssos as soon as Patch 6.2 goes live.

Abyssos Savage becomes available one week later. To tackle the Abyssos raids on this difficulty, we must first complete them in Normal mode.

To have an easier time in Abyssos Savage, upgrade to better gear by completing Asphodelos Savage, the new Aglaia 24-player alliance raid, and Endwalker trials.

You should have plenty of rank IX and X materia for the new gear.

Crafters and players with a lot of gil should consider level 90 crafted items.

A new Unreal trial, Containment Bay S1T7, pits us – again – against Sephiroth. Two yet unnamed trials, including an Extreme, are also part of the new content.

Go back to Heavensward to continue Tataru’s Grand Endeavor

How To Prepare For Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory – Contains Spoilers! 4

Liberated from assisting the Scions, Tataru is now focusing on her venture. And by venture, we mean big money business.

The coin-oriented Tataru is on the way to becoming Eorzea’s tycoon and it’s your duty – nay, pleasure! – to see her plans come to fruition.

This is where you have to get up to get down. If you want to keep helping Tataru, you must mark the Shadow of Mhach quest chain as completed. This is the Heavensward alliance raid series that starts with the Sky Pirates quest.

Spend your Tomestones of Aphorism

Out with the Old Tomestones of Aphorism, in with the new Tomestones of Causality. Come Patch 6.2, we will obtain the new Tomestones of Causality. They become currency for 610 item level gear.

Based on the info from past expansions, Tomestones of Aphorism will be marked as obsolete and you will be able to exchange whatever Tomestones of Aphorism you have left for Tomestones of Astronomy.

Look into ways of spending Aphorism tokens before the patch. For example, you can buy 570 item level gear for other jobs.

If you have no use for Aphorisms anymore, just cap them and exchange them for Astronomy after the patch.

Sacks of Nuts replace Aphorism tomestones as an item currency.

Old Shadowbringers tomestones will no longer be part of the game, so make sure to exchange them before it’s too late.

Run Steps of Faith to get the Blue Mage Diamondback action

The level 50 Steps of Faith eight-player trial is reworked into an instanced solo duty. This trial is one of the two duties from where Blue Mages obtain the Diamondback action.

After the patch, we will be left with The Stone Vigil (Hard) as the only way to get the action. Speaking of trials, Thornmarch is getting some adjustments (aka nerfs) to make it more newbie-friendly.

Stock on the necessary items for the next tier of crafted gear

It goes without saying that this interests crafters only. Get as many Purple Crafting Scrips as you can, preferably cap them.

We need these tokens for the new Master Recipes X tomes. You can also spend them on cooking ingredients. Astronomy tomestones are worth farming as you can buy more materials with them.

You can also save Aphorisms (if you have exhausted all of their uses) to exchange for Astronomy tokens after the patch.

As a crafter, you should have a full set of Pactmaker’s gear and tools to boost your crafting stats.

Level up Disciplines of the Land for the new Tribal Quest series

Who knew that mining, harvesting, and fishing will take you this far one day? Specifically, to the most depressing location in the game.

The next Tribal Quest series features the Omicron faction on Ultima Thule. We cannot wait to see how our gathering skills will be instrumental in the development of a certain abandoned cafe.

Hard work aside, we expect an enthralling story to back up the effort. This feature is coming in Patch 6.25, so there’s plenty of time to max out at least one Discipline of the Land.

Take the Island Sanctuary hype to the next level

How To Prepare For Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory – Contains Spoilers! 5

The much-awaited Island Sanctuaries will finally arrive in Patch 6.25. Details reveal that this feature won’t tie in with crafting and gathering Disciplines.

Every player gets its own instanced Island where they can craft, tend to crops, raise animals, and enjoy other wholesome farm-specific activities.

How To Prepare For Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory – Contains Spoilers! 6

We won’t obtain gear or other items to help with the Warrior of Light duties. It looks like fun and relaxation is the name of the Island Sanctuary game.

We don’t have to do anything to prepare for it, just wait a few more months.

Get Acquainted with the new casual Variant dungeons coming in Patch 6.25

How To Prepare For Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory – Contains Spoilers! 7

Variant dungeons are flexible activities with the difficulty scaling for one to four players. You can run them solo, with a buddy, or in a four-player group using the Duty Finder.

The role restrictions are lifted. You can change jobs on the fly. Variant dungeons have multiple routes with different narratives based on your choices.

An NPC will accompany the group and talk your ear off during the run.

The Sil’dih Subterrane is the first Variant dungeon of its kind.

Brace yourself for Criterion dungeons

How To Prepare For Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory – Contains Spoilers! 8

These are hardcore versions of Variant dungeons. They require a group featuring the holy MMO trinity (tank, healer, damage dealers).

Each Criterion dungeon will have Normal and Savage modes. Criterion-specific mechanics make them more challenging than the regular level 90 dungeons.

In Normal mode, you will have to make do with a limited number of resurrection actions per group member as the usual revival spells won’t work inside these dungeons.

In Savage mode, you don’t have any resurrection means at all. If the entire party dies, all monsters come back to life. You cannot play it safe and take your sweet time as mobs become stronger the longer you drag through a Savage run.

Criterion Savage requires a pre-formed group of four with matching unavailable.

The first Criterion dungeon is aptly named Another Sil’dihn Subterrane. 

Patch 6.25 will come after Patch 6.2 (duh!) which means we won’t see Variant and Criterion dungeons until this Fall, September, or October most likely.

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