Jackalyptic Games Revealed: Is a New Warhammer MMO on the Horizon? 1

Jackalyptic Games Revealed: Is a New Warhammer MMO on the Horizon?

Yesterday NetEase Games introduced Jackalyptic Games, the revamped version of the former Jackalope Games. This Austin-based studio, led by industry titan Jack Emmert, has piqued considerable interest with the revelation of an upcoming game centered around the renowned Warhammer IP, in collaboration with Games Workshop.

Jackalyptic Games aims to sustain its pursuit of high-end PC and console games under Emmert’s guidance. This new enterprise signifies the US market debut of NetEase Games, while promising to uphold creative freedom within the rebranded studio.

The most tantalizing aspect of the announcement? The prospect of a new Warhammer MMO. With Emmert’s impressive portfolio including franchises like City of Heroes, Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and DC Universe Online, this could indicate an ambitious venture into the realm of MMOs set within the Warhammer universe.

While details about the project are currently sparse, the intention to utilize the rich universes of Warhammer suggests a potential expansive multiplayer experience. Given the depth and fan-following of the Warhammer IP, the door is open for a riveting MMO experience that could compete with well-established offerings in the genre.

Moreover, the studio’s plan to engage closely with Games Workshop and their respective communities for feedback throughout the game’s development cycle suggests a collaborative and user-oriented approach. This method could play a critical role in crafting a game that could meet the anticipations of Warhammer enthusiasts and MMO fans alike. No actually, that won’t happen.

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