Lost Ark's June Update Introduces Elgacia, New Dungeon, and More 1

Lost Ark’s June Update Introduces Elgacia, New Dungeon, and More

Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have released their latest update for the MMORPG Lost Ark. The highly anticipated expansion introduces the continent of Elgacia, an Abyssal Dungeon, and various events, updates, and bug fixes. Scheduled downtime for this update started on June 13 at 12AM PDT (8AM UTC) and was expected to last 4 hours.

The highlight of this update is the introduction of Elgacia, a new continent where players can uncover the secrets of the Lazeniths. As the Demon invasion begins in South Vern and the Legion Commanders’ powers surge, the gates of Elgacia are opened.

The exploration of Elgacia offers players a fresh storyline, a new Field Boss named Israfel, Elgacia Adventurer’s Tome, wandering merchants, rapport NPCs and quests, new collectibles, titles, achievements, and more. To begin exploring Elgacia, players need to talk to ‘Solar Knight Rahel’, an NPC in Vern Castle and accept the ‘Paradise of the Dreamless’ quest.

This update also adds a new 4-player Abyssal Dungeon – Kayangel, Light’s Sanctuary. This dungeon becomes accessible after completing the Elgacia storyline and offers two levels of difficulty (Normal and Hard), with corresponding item level requirements. The harder the difficulty, the more impressive the rewards, such as the Empyrean of Contemplation and two special mounts; Silent Wings and Forbidden Wings.

A new raid event features Balthorr, who has drunk too much beer and needs to be calmed down. Players transform into a beer and work with others to soothe Balthorr. Participation in this event earns tokens that can be spent on a variety of special rewards, including new Legendary Card Packs, Pheons, cosmetics, and honing materials.

The update expands the Fortunespire with 25 additional floors, each floor having its item level requirements. It also extends the Mokoko buff’s limit, introduces a system for upgrading Relic Ability Stones, and includes an update to the player report feature.

The update also adds new card packs, updates the daily log-in reward track, and raises the daily “Add Item” restrictions for the Market/Auction House. Additionally, the Text-to-speech setting is now automatically enabled when using the Game Entry Narration accessibility feature.

Several bug fixes have been addressed, including duplicate Fusion Material Chests without recipe information in the Codex, issues with the “UTC” label on the suspension messaging expiration date, and color-changing problems with the Xenon/Mercury Nightrider Sword hilt for the Deathblade.

Finally, Lost Ark players are advised to keep an eye out for Ark Pass Season 3 arriving next week on June 21. The new season promises more rewards and cosmetic showcases.

Lost Ark continues to grow, offering players new realms to explore, dungeons to conquer, and events to participate in. With this new update, players have even more reasons to dive back into the world of Arkesia.

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