Mortal Exodus Revealed: Star Vault's Future Project in the Mortal Online Universe 1

Mortal Exodus Revealed: Star Vault’s Future Project in the Mortal Online Universe

Star Vault, the developers behind Mortal Online 2, have announced their latest project, Mortal Exodus. The announcement was made during a stream by Henrik Nystrom, who revealed the trailer for the upcoming game. However, the announcement has left many fans of Mortal Online 2 concerned about the impact it will have on the development of the game.

In response to the community’s concerns, Star Vault released a statement clarifying their position. They confirmed that 100% of the Mortal Online 2 dev team is focused on Territory Control and fixing bugs and that Mortal Exodus is a separate project that will not affect the development of Mortal Online 2 in any way. Mortal Exodus is a long-term project for the future, and it will help the development of Mortal Online 2.

Star Vault also clarified that the funds obtained for Mortal Exodus will be used solely for the purpose of developing that game and will not be taken from Mortal Online 2’s development budget. Additionally, Mortal Exodus will be worked on by a third party, not the Mortal Online 2 team.

Mortal Exodus is based in the same universe as Mortal Online 2, but it is a separate game. It is not MO3, and it is essentially MO2 but in a different setting, using the same technology and systems. The team emphasized that Mortal Online 2 will maintain its own identity forever and that Mortal Exodus will not affect its genre or theme.

Star Vault further assured the community that Mortal Exodus will not sap resources and developer time from Mortal Online 2. Instead, it will be a byproduct that comes automatically from the development and creation of MO2, and the team building the systems used in the game. Those same systems can then be used by an external team to build a game set in the universe’s future that we can all benefit from.

Although the team is excited about the future of Mortal Exodus, they are currently focusing 100% on delivering Territory Control and the epic games patch for Mortal Online 2. Henrik Nystrom plans to host a stream next week focused on the specifics of the new Territory Control mechanics.

The Star Vault team hopes that this statement will clear up some of the confusion and concerns surrounding the announcement of Mortal Exodus. They emphasized that Mortal Online 2 is their main focus, and they are working hard to ensure its continued success.

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