Mortal Online 2 Introduces Sprint 2 PTR 1

Mortal Online 2 Introduces Sprint 2 PTR

Mortal Online 2 has announced the release of its Sprint 2 Public Test Realm (PTR), available for player exploration starting today. This release aims to provide players with an early look at upcoming game enhancements, including a range of new features, adjustments, and bug fixes intended to refine the gameplay experience.

Players can access the PTR through the Steam client by selecting Mortal Online 2 in their games library, navigating to ‘Properties’, then ‘Betas’, and selecting the ‘Mortal Online Public Test Realm’. The process requires a download of approximately 4GB.

The update brings several notable changes, including the introduction of a second character slot for all players, offering expanded gameplay possibilities. A new dungeon is part of the update, though details remain undisclosed in the PTR to maintain an element of surprise.

Significant adjustments have been made to sieging mechanics to enhance player engagement and participation. These changes include a new ‘Siege’ tab in the Guild Social UI to facilitate the management and participation in siege events.

Additionally, the update includes a variety of quality of life improvements such as new rideable mounts, like Taurdogs and Cougars, alongside comprehensive bug fixes spanning crafting, combat, AI behavior, and more. Adjustments to armor crafting, skills training, and environmental enhancements are also included to improve the overall player experience.

The development team is inviting player feedback on the new changes, emphasizing the importance of community input in shaping the game’s evolution. A feedback survey will be conducted following the closure of the PTR to gather player insights.

Upcoming Siege Battle Event

In conjunction with the PTR release, a siege battle event is scheduled for April 11th, providing an opportunity for players to test the new siege mechanics in a live environment. Guilds owning keeps are invited to participate and potentially host the event, with additional support provided for regearing at the nearby Starvaultia settlement.

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