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EverQuest 2’s Latest Expansion, Empire of Antiquity, Now Live and Ready for Exploration!

EverQuest 2’s Latest Expansion, Empire of Antiquity, Now Live and Ready for Exploration!

Empire of Antiquity is now live and promises to be the darkest and most challenging chapter yet.

Gamers have already explored the Elddar city of Takish’Hiz and helped defeat Malachiel Caedor. Now, they can explore the darker reaches of Norrath and investigate the mysterious whispers that have been circulating. Historians, treasure seekers, and devoted worshipers are all itching to explore the region and discover new power.

The Empire of Antiquity introduces new, powerful artifacts that can be discovered, along with impressive arcanum that can be learned as players investigate the history of the Elddar Empire. Players will also need to battle aggressive aspects of growth while protecting the Empire from terrors both inside and outside of the realm.

EverQuest 2's Latest Expansion, Empire of Antiquity, Now Live and Ready for Exploration! 1

The update includes a new Overseer Season 05 in Kunark, which features new achievements, rewards, 33 new quests, and 20 new agents, including common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare options. There is also an update to the Overseer vendor with old agents.

The expansion also features a new massive contested dungeon, Buried Takish’Hiz: Empire of Antiquity, which includes updated zone art, 33 contested heroic and solo bosses, a new contested raid encounter, over 40 adventure quests, new tradeskill quests, and new adventure and tradeskill collections. There are also new missions and achievements.

Players can enjoy new momentous raids such as Buried Takish’Hiz: Emergence from Stone [Raid], where they must brave the guardians of the stone deep and unlock the curse that holds the ancient Elddar city captive. There is also Sultan’s Mahala: Daggers Drawn [Raid], where players must seek out the Sultan of Daggers and confront her magic in its most raw and unchecked form.

Exciting new tradeskill content has been added, and players can visit Gnorbert, who is now in charge of the crafting side of things at the new site. Ruby-shaded spike-like implements can be found throughout Raj’Dur Plateaus, Takish Badlands, Sandstone Delta, and Buried Takish’Hiz: Empire of Antiquity. There are also new red shiny collections and distillation/dilution recipes for Vetrovia transmute materials.

Guilds can also enjoy a new inspiring guildhall, the Verdant Takish’Hiz Guildhall, which can be earned by completing Empire of Antiquity tradeskill and heroic missions.

Players can enjoy new impactful adventure quests and enticing merchant buyables, including 25 new house items, illusions, and pets. Merchants such as Tayyar, Keelor Freegust, and Anwyl Ashbrand sell new housing items, housing pets, and baubles.

Gamers who have already accomplished so much are being challenged to follow the whispers and investigate the darkness. The Empire of Antiquity is now live, so step up and earn some valuable rewards in the process.