Upcoming Mortal Online 2 Patch to Be Previewed in Public Test Realm Starting March 8th 1

Upcoming Mortal Online 2 Patch to Be Previewed in Public Test Realm Starting March 8th

Star Vault has announced that a Public Test Realm (PTR) for the next Mortal Online 2 patch will be available starting March 8th. This PTR, scheduled to run through the weekend, offers players an opportunity to experience some of the update’s key features ahead of its official release. Notably, a new dungeon introduced in the update will remain inaccessible during the PTR to prevent spoilers.

The update introduces several adjustments aimed at enhancing the gameplay experience. Among these, a comprehensive update to mount stamina mechanics is designed to facilitate smoother travel across the game’s vast world. Changes include uniform stamina drain and regeneration rates for all mounts and adjustments to stamina consumption at different speeds, enabling players to maintain faster travel speeds for longer periods without needing to pause for stamina recovery.

For the first time, players will have the ability to ride bears, with Black, Brown, and White bears each offering unique mounted stats. The development team has expressed interest in gathering player feedback on this new feature.

Improvements to melee combat are also a highlight of the upcoming patch. These include the addition of a secondary weapon set for swift changes during combat, enhancements to input responsiveness, and streamlined commands for executing combat maneuvers. The patch also marks the return of the dismemberment feature, adding a new dimension to combat encounters.

A special event during the PTR will allow participants to engage with the new combat features in a structured setting. The event’s format is initially planned as a traditional battle, with potential for alternative scenarios based on how the session progresses.

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