New World Introduces Mounts to Outpost Rush 1

New World Introduces Mounts to Outpost Rush

In the latest installment of “Forged in Aeternum,” episode 81 brings forth discussions on the recent introduction of mounts to Outpost Rush (OPR) in New World. The team behind the game, including Senior Producer Katy, Social Features Lead Dan Henuber, and Senior Gameplay Engineer Scott Geiser, provided a deep dive into the rationale, development process, and potential impacts of this update.

The concept of merging mounts with OPR originated from the developers’ continuous pursuit of enhancing the game’s dynamics. With the advent of mounts in the “Rise of the Angry Earth” expansion, questions about their integration across various aspects of the game naturally arose. Despite initial apprehensions and after conducting thorough internal testing, the developers felt confident in introducing mounts to OPR, aiming to enrich player experience.

Gameplay Dynamics and Player Impact

Concerns regarding the potential disruption to OPR’s flow were discussed, with the team expressing optimism based on internal observations. They highlighted the strategic depth mounts are expected to add, offering quick mobility while maintaining balance, as mounts disengage upon receiving damage. This feature is anticipated to invigorate ranged players’ roles, encouraging strategic positioning and movement during matches.

Technical Improvements and Game Performance

The addition of mounts raised questions about game performance and server stability. The team addressed these by implementing significant technical improvements to accommodate faster player movement without compromising the gameplay quality. The synchronization of combat system enhancements with mount integration aims to bolster the game’s performance, ensuring a smooth experience for players.

Community Feedback and Future Adjustments

Acknowledging the importance of player feedback, the developers shared their commitment to monitoring the community’s reception and adapting the game accordingly. They are prepared to make future adjustments based on how mounts affect PvP dynamics in OPR, underscoring a responsive and player-focused development approach.

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