SWTOR Releases Game Update 7.4.1 "Building a Foundation" 1

SWTOR Releases Game Update 7.4.1 “Building a Foundation”

Star Wars: The Old Republic has rolled out Game Update 7.4.1, titled “Building a Foundation,” bringing a fresh batch of content and enhancements to the game’s expansive universe.

Introducing Galactic Seasons 6: “Building a Foundation”

With the launch of Galactic Seasons 6, players have the opportunity to progress through the “Building a Foundation” theme, gaining access to a series of rewards. Among these rewards are new armors, weapons, and a unique purple/gold enhanced dye pack, all available through the rewards tracks. A notable addition in this season is the Copero Stronghold, providing players a new venue to call home. For detailed information, the Galactic Seasons 6 article is available for players to explore.

“Date Night” Companion Missions

The update introduces “Date Night” Companion Missions, a feature for players who have established a romantic connection with certain characters in the game. Those who have a relationship with Lana Beniko, Arcann, Koth Vortena, or Theron Shan can engage in a new weekly repeatable mission centered around their companion’s interests, adding a personal touch to their gaming experience.

APAC Character Transfers Now Available

Character transfers to the Shae Vizla server in the Asia-Pacific region are open, with specific conditions outlined for players interested in making the move. A 15 million credit cap per character and a minimum level requirement of 20 have been set. Additionally, players subscribed since January 2, 2024, are granted 16 free transfers for a limited 30-day period. A promotional 50% discount on transfers is also available to all subscribers over the next 90 days, providing an incentive for those looking to transfer to the Shae Vizla server.

New Additions to the Cartel Market

The Cartel Market sees the addition of new items, including armors inspired by Ahsoka™. The collection includes the Gothic Master Armor, Prime Centurion Vibroblade, Copero themed Utility Bundle, Gothic Master Dualsaber, and Prime Centurion Armor. Players are encouraged to review the full list of new items in the Cartel Market.

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