New World Will Have Its First Server Merge This Week 1

New World Will Have Its First Server Merge This Week

After weeks of seeing the population declining since launch, the numbers of concurrent players in New World are starting to stabilize with peaks just under the 150K mark. It’s a big difference from the 900K+ peaks we saw at launch, so it’s only natural that some server merges are in order.

Amazon’s first server merge will happen tomorrow December 8th. The first servers to merge are the European Mardi and Brittia servers.

From fighting your opposition in wars and invasions, to hanging out in the local tavern, we’ve found that a healthy realm provides more opportunities for players to enjoy the world of Aeternum.

In general, when our data shows that the experience in the world has become suboptimal, the team will investigate why conditions changed and if a merge is needed. Part of our investigation includes work to find the most suitable counterpart for worlds destined to be merged, helping to ensure your time in Aeternum is fun and socially exciting.

The biggest issue of course when merging servers in New World is territory, which guilds on the transferring server will lose.

Players on these worlds are not expected to lose any progress (including gold, items, faction, companies, etc.); however, territories should still belong to the companies on the world absorbing the merge.

If all goes well with the first merge, players on other low population servers should also start seeing merges next week.

For more info about the merge, see the official FAQ.

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