New World's Empyrean Forge Expedition Offers Unique Design and Challenges for Players 1

New World’s Empyrean Forge Expedition Offers Unique Design and Challenges for Players

New World players can expect a thrilling new Level 60+ Expedition set in the Great Cleave. The Empyrean Forge is a massive ruin, once used by the Ancients to build war machines, that now contains a gateway to other realms, releasing primal magics and elemental beings. The Forge’s powers are coveted by the Varangians, who seek to unlock the secrets of the Ancients and their sorceries.

To create a more immersive experience, Level Designer Pride St. Clair said that the Empyrean Forge was designed with a focus on two main elements: player communication and unique environmental obstacles and interactions.

Regarding player communication, the Forge features a two-part puzzle, the cypher and the lock, which requires two parties to communicate effectively in order to progress. Additionally, the entire puzzle resets when they step off of the solution lock’s pressure plate, forcing players to cooperate and interact.

Regarding the environment, the Forge contains hazards such as crushing pistons and lethal lava. The pistons move up and down rhythmically and blend well into the industrial-techno soundscape the Sound Team created.

The Empyrean Forge Expedition will go live on March 28, and players can get an early look at Season 1 content, including the Empyrean Forge, through the PTR. The Forge’s unique design and lore are sure to challenge and delight players, so be sure to check it out and share your thoughts on the forums.

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