Zenith: the Last City VRMMO Review: Is it Worth Playing? 1

Zenith: the Last City VRMMO Review: Is it Worth Playing?

Zenith: the Last City





  • Intuitive Movement
  • Fun Combat
  • Exploration is Fun
  • The Social Aspect


  • Repatative Content
  • Outdated Graphics
  • Few Character Options
  • Developer: RamenVR
  • Platforms: SteamVR, Oculus Quest, and Playstation VR
  • Release Date: An official release date hasn’t been set, but Zenith is currently playable in early access.
  • For fans of VR Games, Social MMOs

If you’re looking for a new VRMMO to sink your teeth into, Zenith the Last City might just be the game for you! Developed by RamenVR, Zenith is an open-world sandbox game that allows players to explore the world in virtual reality.

In this review, we will go through all the pros and cons of Zenith the Last City and see if it’s worth your time.

We should mention first that Zenith is an early access game, and as such, it is still in development. This means that there may be bugs or unfinished features present in the game. Like many other early access games, Zenith feels very rough around the edges.

There are plenty of bugs, but the developers seem to be on top of things and work is being done to constantly patch and fix them.

The graphics in Zenith the Last City are decent, but they won’t blow you away. The world is colorful and vibrant, but it does have a bit of a cartoony look to it. The textures are also not as sharp as we would like them to be. Again, this is an early access game, so the graphics may improve over time.

Zenith: the Last City VRMMO Review: Is it Worth Playing? 2
Zenith isn’t bad looking, but the graphics feel outdated.

The controls in Zenith are pretty standard for a VR game. You use the motion controllers to interact with objects and move around the world. The controls are intuitive and easy to learn.

At the moment character creation in Zenith is very limited and you have few options when creating your character. However, the developers have said that they plan to add more customization options in the future.

Only two classes are currently available, the Essence Mage and the Blademaster. The Mage can slow down time, teleport or hurl fire or lightning at their enemies, while the Blademaster is more of a traditional melee class that attacks with two weapons.

Zenith: the Last City VRMMO Review: Is it Worth Playing? 3
Zenith currently has two classes, the Essence Mage and the Blademaster

Classes are broken into three subclasses which allows for some more variety in gameplay. Players can be Tanks, DPS, or Support.

The questing system in Zenith is very basic and there isn’t much variety. Most of the quests involve going to a location and killing a certain number of enemies. There are also some fetch quests where you have to collect items for NPCs. The lack of content can make Zenith feel pretty grindy at times.

Exploration is where Zenith stands out the most. The world is huge and there are plenty of things to see and do. There are many different biomes to explore, from lush forests to towns and cities.

Players can climb to the top of mountains, or dive into the depths of the ocean, but the most fun is definitely jumping off a high vantage point and gliding down to the surface as you take in the scenery.

Zenith: the Last City VRMMO Review: Is it Worth Playing? 4
Gliding through a zone is a great way to discover its secrets.

Another fun aspect of Zenith is the cooking system, which work much the same way as other VR cooking simulator, the only difference is that in Zenith you can actually use the food and drink you create as consumables on your journeys.

Communicating with other players is as easy as just talking into your microphone, making Zenith a great social experience, and working with others to complete tasks is intuitive and easy.

Zenith: the Last City VRMMO Review: Is it Worth Playing? 5
Zenith is a fun social experience.

Compared to other VR games, Zenith certainly isn’t bad, but compared to other MMOs it feels lacking. And as such it might be a bigger hit amongst VR fans than amongst the MMO crowd. Zenith is an Early Access VRMMO with potential, but it still has a long way to go before it can compete with the likes of World of Warcraft or Elder Scrolls Online.

If you’re a fan of VR and MMOs, then Zenith is definitely worth checking out. But if you’re looking for a more traditional MMO experience, then Zenith might not be the game for you.

Have you tried Zenith: The Last City? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Is Zenith: The Last City Cross Platform?

Zenith the Last City is available for SteamVR, Oculus Quest, and Playstation VR. It is fully cross-platform between the different VR platforms.

Is Zenith: The Last City Pay-to-win?

No, Zenith the Last City is not pay-to-win. There are no microtransactions in the game that gives players an advantage over others.

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  1. Jump in now in 2023. They have made some changes and additions. Don’t give up on this as they are continuing to add content, raids, and world bosses.

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