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Pantheon Livestream Previews the Shaman Class

Pantheon Livestream Previews the Shaman Class

A recent Livestream at the Visionary Realms Twitch Channel took a closer look at the Shaman Class for Patheon: Rise of The Fallen.

The Shaman will be one of the three primary healer classes in Pantheon. The devs are working to make all the classes viable for all tiers of the game, but will have distinct areas of expertise.

Pantheon Livestream Previews the Shaman Class 1
Description of the Shaman class from the Panthon website.

Shamas will focus a lot on HoT (Heal Over Time) abilities compared to the other classes.

The Mantle of the Deep line of spells is described as the bread and butter of the Shamans HoT spells, which will work as an almost constant source of healing for the group.

Pantheon Livestream Previews the Shaman Class 2
Putting Mastery points into your healing spells will make them more powerful.

Shaman spells will be divided into boons and banes of the different types of magic like water, fire, wind, earth, animus and ancestral.

The Shaman will have access to an offensive arsenal of spells as well, like various DoTs (Damage over Time), nukes and debuffs. This will make them viable to play in groups that already has another healer as they can DPS as well or work as an secondary healer with some DPS.

These offensive spells will even interact with your healing capabilities, and there will be a lot of synergies between your spells and the spells of your party members.

The Shaman will also have access to a pet that will go from a vanity pet cub into a grown pet that you can use in combat. The pet will both have a physical form and a spirit form which will have different benefits.

Head over to the Pantheon Youtube channel to see the full stream.