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Pantheon Technology Lead Kurt “Molad” Habetler Passed Away On November 20th

Visionary Realms announced on their Twitter and on the official forums that tech lead Kurt “Molad” Habetler had passed away on November 20th.

With heavy hearts, we regret to share that Kurt “Molad” Habetler has passed away. Kurt was a cornerstone of Visionary Realms as Technology Lead. He was a kind and gentle soul. Kurt was very thoughtful with everyone he met and had a way of instantly making you feel at ease. His identifiable and nearly-trademarked “greetings!” quickly became a beloved debut to our meetings, and something each of us looked forward to hearing. Kurt was a good friend with an amazing work ethic and a sincere interest in people. He was encouraging, spirited, inspiring and empathetic. We feel a great loss with the passing of Molad and we will miss him immensely.

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