"Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen" Offers Developmental Play with New Seasonal Access Model 1

“Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen” Offers Developmental Play with New Seasonal Access Model

The “Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen” development team has announced an innovative approach to game testing, introducing a Seasonal Access system that invites backers to experience the game as it evolves. This initiative allows players to explore new content updates every six weeks, participating in the growth of the game’s world, Terminus.

Under this new model, every backer is given the opportunity to play the game during its development phase, with the duration of access varying by pledge level. Supporter tier backers will have access for one week per season, Champion tier for two weeks, and VIP tier backers will enjoy full access throughout the entire season. This approach aims to engage the community in the game’s ongoing development, offering a firsthand look at new features and expansions.

Season 1: Into the Pass Overview

The first season, “Into the Pass,” opens access to VIP backers starting February 17, 2024, with Champion and Supporter access following in March. This season invites players to the new zones of Avendyr’s Pass, expanding the game’s universe beyond Thronefast. Players will encounter fresh challenges, craft new items, and explore the capabilities of the Shaman class, which introduces a new pet system.

Key highlights for this season include the exploration of Avendyr’s Pass, seamless transitions between new and existing areas, and the introduction of new NPC variations, enriching the player’s experience and interaction within the game.

Future Seasons and Access Changes

Following “Into the Pass,” the next season, “The Mouth of Madness,” is scheduled to launch on March 30, 2024. The development team has outlined a structured roadmap, with multiple chapters and seasons planned, signaling a commitment to ongoing content development and community engagement.

Adjustments to pledge levels have been implemented, transitioning from traditional beta access tiers to more straightforward Supporter, Champion, and VIP categories. This restructuring is designed to simplify access levels and ensure clarity for backers. Additionally, the FAQ section addresses important topics such as character persistence between seasons, updates during a season, and the ability for friends across different pledge levels to play together.

With this seasonal model, backers’ pledges grant them specific playtime each season, without requiring additional payments. This system not only facilitates direct community involvement in the game’s development but also fosters a collaborative environment where feedback and experiences can shape the game’s progression.

As “Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen” continues to develop through these seasonal updates, the team emphasizes its commitment to a transparent and inclusive development process, encouraging community feedback and participation every step of the way.

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