Pantheon's September Newsletter Looks Back at the Last Year and Ahead to October's Events 1

Pantheon’s September Newsletter Looks Back at the Last Year and Ahead to October’s Events

Pantheon’s September Newsletter is out, and it looks back at the last year while also looking ahead to October’s events.

Next month, Pantheon will be resuming pre-alpha testing sessions for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen on October 1st.

The time is finally here! Our pre-alpha sessions resume this weekend on October 1st, and we can’t wait to welcome our testers back into Terminus. We’re so excited in fact, that this month we’re sharing the high-level highlights, a breakdown of our combat enhancements, and patch notes covering the additions and changes to the game since our last pre-alpha, with our entire community. For those unable to join our pre-alpha sessions, we hope this additional glimpse behind the curtain will help shed further light on the ongoing development of the game, and we plan to continue offering these updates in future newsletters as our pre-alpha sessions resume.

The Pantheon team also takes some time to look back at the work that has been made on the MMO in September as well as the last year.

Read the full letter on the official Pantheon website.

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