Pax Dei Developers Discuss Future Monetization Plans: Balancing Player Experience and Game Sustainability 1

Pax Dei Developers Discuss Future Monetization Plans: Balancing Player Experience and Game Sustainability

In a recent blog post on the official Pax Dei website, the team behind the upcoming MMO game shared insights into their current stance on monetization strategies. While the full details are yet to be finalized, the post outlines the team’s commitment to finding a balance that feels fair to players while ensuring the game’s long-term sustainability.

Core Monetization Strategy

The proposed business model for Pax Dei at launch includes:

  1. A one-time initial purchase of the game.
  2. A regular fee to maintain active player status and in-game plots.

This core model is supplemented with options like limited free access for new players to explore the game and the potential for additional, fully optional services in the future.

Sustaining the Game for the Long Haul

Acknowledging the cost-intensive nature of building and maintaining an MMO, the Pax Dei team aims to establish a monetization model that supports continuous content and feature additions post-launch. Their primary goal is to create a regular revenue stream that aligns with player expectations and game development needs.

The Rules of Monetization

Pax Dei’s monetization strategy is guided by three key rules:

  1. No direct monetization of performance or time skips.
  2. Maintaining a 100% player-driven in-game economy without competition from monetized items.
  3. Transparency in the monetization model, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding for players.

Housing and Handling Inactive Players

A unique feature of Pax Dei is its housing system, where players can claim and build on in-game land. To manage this effectively and avoid inactive “ghost towns,” the team plans to introduce a robust system to differentiate between active and inactive plots, central to their monetization strategy.

Free Access and Additional Services

Pax Dei will offer limited free access to allow players to discover the game world. The team also plans to explore convenience and cosmetic options as part of their additional services, responding to community needs and preferences.

Implementing a Token System

Drawing on experiences from EVE Online and World of Warcraft, the team is considering a token-like system to facilitate secure real-money transactions for in-game resources. This approach aims to increase player population and combat botting, while adhering to the game’s player-driven economy principles.

Engaging with the Community

The Pax Dei team emphasizes their ongoing dialogue with the gaming community, ensuring that the final monetization model aligns with player expectations and contributes positively to the game’s ecosystem.

As the development of Pax Dei progresses, the team promises to keep players updated on their monetization strategy, ensuring it supports the game’s vision and community.

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