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Pax Dei Shares Info in Exclusive Interview and Gameplay Showcase

Pax Dei Shares Info in Exclusive Interview and Gameplay Showcase

PC Gamer recently debuted an in-depth look at the upcoming sandbox MMO, Pax Dei, during their PC Gaming Show 2023. In a video spanning 18 and a half minutes, they provided an exclusive interview with the game’s developers and showed off never-before-seen gameplay footage.

The Pax Dei developers dived deep into their vision for the game, discussing the world, gameplay, and the inspiration behind their creation.

Taking cues from real-life folklore and games like EVE Online that heavily focus on player agency, Pax Dei promises a distinctive narrative and gameplay experience. Interestingly, the developers also revealed that the project is heavily inspired by a real-world castle located in Finland, a fact that should excite fans who value immersive and authentic environments in RPGs.

In a unique twist, the developers conducted the interview from the very castle that inspired elements of the game. The environment served as a fitting backdrop to their conversations about Pax Dei’s world-building. This move allowed the developers to not just talk about their inspirations but also provide a tangible example of it, significantly enriching the context for potential players.

The gameplay footage showcased in the video offered viewers a first look at the intriguing world of Pax Dei. Though specific details are yet to be unpacked, the glimpse provided was more than enough to pique the interest of MMO fans, offering promising signs of an in-depth and immersive game world.

As Pax Dei continues its development, fans and players are eagerly awaiting further updates and sneak peeks. If the PC Gamer exclusive is any indication, Pax Dei seems set to revolutionize the fantasy RPG genre when it releases.

Those interested in getting a closer look at Pax Dei’s exclusive interview and gameplay footage can visit the PC Gamer YouTube channel and watch the PC Gaming Show 2023.