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Pax Dei MMO Developers Release New Building FAQ Update

Pax Dei MMO Developers Release New Building FAQ Update

The creators of the upcoming MMO, Pax Dei, have released an update to their Building FAQ in response to player feedback and questions. The update provides a comprehensive look at the game’s building mechanics, offering players a detailed view of what to expect when the game is released.

The FAQ explains that a ‘plot’ refers to a section of land claimed by a player within the areas designated for building. These plots are spacious enough for a reasonably sized house and a few smaller structures. Players can choose the location of their plots within the ‘Heartlands’ with considerable freedom.

Responding to queries about the absence of doors and signs in promotional videos, developers assure that these features are planned for inclusion in the final game build. They also addressed the question of a height cap for buildings, stating that there is a limit. However, the structural integrity system will naturally restrict players from reaching this cap to prevent anachronistic skyscrapers and keep buildings within a Middle Ages aesthetic.

The developers have also expanded on the question of building on water. While they permit plots to overlap with water bodies, they clarified that underwater building is restricted to foundations near the surface. In essence, players can build structures with slight overlap with the water but cannot construct bridges over lakes, for instance.

One major point of clarification is the exclusion of player construction outside of the Heartlands. Developers intend to integrate this feature eventually, but the complexity of incorporating PvP building destruction in a manner that ensures a positive gameplay experience is a challenge. For now, they focus on delivering a solid core game at launch, with PvP building planned for a future update.

Access controls within plots are another highlighted feature. A system is being integrated to offer players control over who can access items within their plots. While there’s no feature to prevent players from entering your land, the ability to construct walls provides a level of control.

The update further confirms that players can build on other players’ plots, provided the plot owner allows them. They anticipate that most clans will permit all their members to build on the clan’s plots. The developers also addressed potential concerns about griefers building adjacent to player or clan plots, assuring that measures will be in place to resolve such conflicts.

While the ability to modify the ground within a plot is currently unsupported, developers highlighted that players can use foundations to flatten the land. In addition, they affirmed that the current game allows each player to own one plot, but future updates will provide ways for players to acquire additional land.