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Upcoming MMO Pax Dei Unveils More Lore

Upcoming MMO Pax Dei Unveils More Lore

The highly anticipated MMO, Pax Dei, has released a captivating blog post offering a glimpse into the rich lore that awaits players in its immersive world. Titled “Adversaries, Part 2 – Harvest of Sorrows,” the blog post introduces us to the depths of the game’s narrative and the intriguing adversaries that players will encounter on their epic journey.

The blog post begins with a gripping declaration from Gaeune, the Grand Inquisitor and devoted servant of Papess Gloria II. His impassioned words resonate with his unwavering commitment to rooting out heretical depravity within the kingdom of Anatolia. Gaeune’s pursuit of justice and his plea for the Holy See’s support set the stage for a story that promises to be both thrilling and morally challenging.

Upcoming MMO Pax Dei Unveils More Lore 1

The blog post then introduces us to Chloë, a dedicated member of the holy Inquisition and a humble disciple of Armozel. Chloë’s account delves deeper into the nature of the Sethian heretics, shedding light on their twisted beliefs and practices. These heretics, driven by the notion that God is purely spiritual and that the temporal world is the creation of the Devil, have cast aside the Pax Dei and embraced a path of darkness.

According to Chloë’s report, the Sethians view everything in the earthly realm as impure and devoid of worth. They believe in the cyclical reincarnation of souls until achieving spiritual perfection, which liberates them from what they perceive as an evil Creation. Their distorted worldview encompasses notions of self-mutilation, enduring pain, and disregarding the sanctity of life as acts of divine worship.

The revelation of these heretical beliefs raises the stakes for players in Pax Dei, as they will be tasked with confronting and combating the rampaging bands of Sethian heretics who wreak havoc across the lands. The game’s lore promises a challenging and morally complex journey, where players must grapple with the conflict between light and darkness, good and evil.

For more head over to the official Pax Dei website.