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Pax Dei MMO Gears Up for Large-Scale Alpha Test, Reveals Game Enhancements and More

Pax Dei MMO Gears Up for Large-Scale Alpha Test, Reveals Game Enhancements and More

After a long silence, the team behind the highly anticipated MMO Pax Dei has finally broken the news that fans have been waiting for: a large-scale Alpha test is in the works and set to take place before the end of the year.

Alpha Test: Mark Your Calendars

For those eagerly asking “Alpha, when?”, the wait seems to be nearing its end. According to Pax Dei’s recent announcement, several thousand community members will be invited to participate in this Alpha test. The team promises a mix of “bugs and fun,” along with “fun and bugs,” and even mentioned the possibility of encountering a bear at your doorstep within the game. While no exact date has been provided, the developers assure that more details will emerge in the coming weeks.

Tech FAQ Unveiled

Pax Dei has also released a new FAQ focusing on the technical aspects of the MMO, which they affectionately refer to as the “bips and boops” behind the scenes. The FAQ aims to enlighten even those who are not backend engineers, offering insights into the game’s under-the-hood operations.

Upcoming Content Drop

Gamers can look forward to a content drop sometime in October, focusing primarily on character creation and cosmetic customization options. To catch up on previous content drops, fans can head over to Pax Dei’s official website and YouTube channel, which feature segments from the PC gaming show, as well as FAQs, videos, and galleries about the game world.

Significant Overhauls and Expansions

The summer months were a period of introspection and improvement for the development team. Based on feedback from a Friends & Family test that has been running since March, Pax Dei has refined many of its systems, including building, crafting, and character creation. Moreover, the RPG systems, including combat and magic, have been reinforced.

The game world itself has expanded from one province to two, with two more provinces currently in development. The playable area is projected to span around 300 km² (approximately 110 mi²). This significant expansion will facilitate an uneven distribution of resources, adding a dynamic layer to trades and interactions between Clans.