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Pokemon Inspired MMORPG “Duel Revolution” Debuts on PC and Mobile Platforms

Pokemon Inspired MMORPG “Duel Revolution” Debuts on PC and Mobile Platforms

The gaming world is set to welcome a new addition to the creature-capturing genre as “Duel Revolution,” developed by the small team at Game Matter, announces its official release. After a decade in development and a successful open beta phase, this free-to-play, 2-D MMORPG is ready to launch on March 1, across PC, iOS, and Android devices.

“Duel Revolution” offers players an expansive universe where they can explore, engage in battles, and collect creatures known as Evo. With a roster of 50 unique Evos, each with its own 12-level skill tree, the game emphasizes customization and strategic growth, allowing players to tailor their creatures’ abilities and strengths.

The game is designed to cater to a variety of gameplay styles, featuring real-time PvE missions and PvP battles. Beyond combat, “Duel Revolution” encourages players to immerse themselves in the game’s world through alliances, quests, and personalization options. This approach aims to provide a full-fledged dueling experience, emphasizing not just competition but also exploration and community.

Anticipating the needs of its players, Game Matter promises regular updates for “Duel Revolution,” including new quests, creatures, and areas to explore. A breeding system will enable players to enhance their favorite Evos, and a comprehensive crafting system will support gear production. The game also introduces dynamic day and night cycles, affecting gameplay elements such as creature appearances and quest availability.