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Project Gorgon Review: Is It Worth Playing in 2023?

Project Gorgon Review: Is It Worth Playing in 2023?

Project Gorgon





  • Unique Gameplay
  • Extensive Skill System
  • Friendly and Dedicated Community
  • No Pay-to-Win


  • Dated Graphics
  • Small Player Base
  • High Learning Curve
  • Limited Appeal

Project Gorgon is a unique MMORPG developed by Elder Game, LLC, an independent studio led by industry veterans Eric Heimburg and Sandra Powers. Released in 2018, the game is set in a rich and immersive high-fantasy world filled with mystery and exploration. Although Project Gorgon has a dedicated player base, it has some aspects that may polarize players.

This review will examine the game’s key features, including gameplay, graphics, sound, population, and monetization.


One of the most striking aspects of Project Gorgon is its complex and intricate gameplay. The game abandons the traditional class system found in many MMORPGs, instead allowing players to mix and match skills from over 100 different abilities. This creates a deep, engaging, and rewarding experience as players experiment with various combinations to create their ideal character build.

Project Gorgon Review: Is It Worth Playing in 2023? 1

Project Gorgon encourages exploration and discovery, with little hand-holding or guidance, which may appeal to veteran MMO players. The game world is filled with secrets, hidden dungeons, and a variety of intriguing NPCs that players can interact with, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Combat in Project Gorgon is challenging and strategic, requiring players to think carefully about their skill combinations and positioning. The game also has an emphasis on crafting, with a vast array of recipes and resources to collect and refine.

Skills and Abilities

Project Gorgon’s skill system is one of its most defining features, allowing players to mix and match skills from over 100 different abilities to create their ideal character build.

Each skill has its own progression path, which players can level up independently, providing a great deal of depth and customization options.

From combat abilities to crafting skills, the sheer variety of options caters to many different playstyles and preferences.

Project Gorgon Review: Is It Worth Playing in 2023? 2

Some of the unique skills in Project Gorgon include Animal Handling, which allows players to tame and train creatures to fight alongside them, and various forms of Necromancy, enabling players to raise undead minions or even transform themselves into a powerful Lich.

The game also features non-combat skills, such as music, poetry, and dancing, which offer additional avenues for players to express themselves and engage with the world.

Crafting and Economy

The crafting system in Project Gorgon is intricate and rewarding, with players being able to gather resources, refine materials, and create a vast array of items ranging from weapons and armor to consumables and furniture.

As players progress and master various crafting skills, they can create increasingly powerful and rare items, which contributes to the in-game economy.

Project Gorgon’s player-driven economy is built around the exchange of crafted goods and resources, with players trading and selling items in a dynamic market. This encourages cooperation and interaction between players, fostering a sense of community and interdependence.


Project Gorgon’s graphics may not appeal to all players, as they lean more towards a retro and nostalgic aesthetic . The visuals are reminiscent of older MMOs, but they contribute to the game’s unique charm and atmosphere. While the graphics may not be cutting-edge, they are functional and don’t detract from the immersive gameplay experience.

Project Gorgon Review: Is It Worth Playing in 2023? 3

The game world is expansive and filled with diverse biomes, ranging from lush forests to arid deserts and eerie underground caverns. Each area has its own distinct visual style, providing a sense of variety and adventure as players explore the vast landscape.


Project Gorgon’s player base is relatively small compared to some of the more popular MMORPGs, but the community is dedicated, friendly, and helpful. The game offers plenty of solo content as well as group activities, and the tight-knit community makes it easy to find others to team up with for more challenging content.

Is Project Gorgon Free-to-Play?

Project Gorgon is a buy-to-play game. There is a very limited demo available for players that want to try the game before buying.

Is Project Gorgon Pay-to-Win?

Project Gorgon’s monetization model is primarily based on the initial purchase of the game, with optional cosmetic items available for purchase in the in-game store.

The game does not have any pay-to-win elements, ensuring that player progress is determined by their skill and effort rather than by spending real money.


Project Gorgon Review: Is It Worth Playing in 2023? 4

Overall, Project Gorgon is a unique and captivating MMORPG that offers a deep, rewarding gameplay experience for players who enjoy exploration, discovery, and character customization.

The game’s retro graphics and challenging combat system may not appeal to everyone, but those who can look past these aspects will find a rich and immersive world to lose themselves in.

The friendly and dedicated player base, along with the absence of pay-to-win elements, make Project Gorgon an appealing option for MMO enthusiasts looking for something different.