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Welcome to the Project Gorgon news hub on MMORPG.GG. Here you can find the latest news and updates for Project Gorgon

  • Release Date: March 12th, 2018
  • Developer: Elder Game LLC.
  • Platform: PC

In the latest update from Elder Game’s MMORPG Project Gorgon, fans are greeted with a slew of updates including the introduction of Angling – a new skill, revamped UI features, additional quests, balance changes, and an abundance of bug fixes. The main story quest line has been expanded, allowing players who have reached the narrative …

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Project Gorgon is a unique MMORPG developed by Elder Game, LLC, an independent studio led by industry veterans Eric Heimburg and Sandra Powers. Released in 2018, the game is set in a rich and immersive high-fantasy world filled with mystery and exploration. Although Project Gorgon has a dedicated player base, it has some aspects that …

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Project Gorgon‘s latest update is a big one, with the biggest change being an all-new animation system. The old animation system had to go. It severely limited our ability to add new animations or replace old ones. So we’ve replaced it!More specifically, we’ve replaced all the code in the system. Most of the actual animations …

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