Headline: Project Gorgon Latest Update: Introducing Angling, New UI Features, Quests, and Balancing in June 2023 Update 1

Headline: Project Gorgon Latest Update: Introducing Angling, New UI Features, Quests, and Balancing in June 2023 Update

In the latest update from Elder Game’s MMORPG Project Gorgon, fans are greeted with a slew of updates including the introduction of Angling – a new skill, revamped UI features, additional quests, balance changes, and an abundance of bug fixes.

The main story quest line has been expanded, allowing players who have reached the narrative point of having dinner with Jessina to now do so via a hang out feature. This feature introduces a reminder quest for the player’s character to engage with Jessina.

The developers have introduced three different camera types in response to players seeking control schemes and camera views familiar to them from other games. These include Traditional Camera, Free Camera, and the Action Camera. This new selection system is designed to provide a more customisable user experience, and the developers are encouraging players to provide feedback on their usage.

The update also includes changes to Area-of-Effect (AoE) visibility. AoE abilities are now visualised for their range. Developers have revamped the way AoE abilities are centered, with the update noting, “all AoE abilities are centered on the caster, except for two Weather Witching abilities that are explicitly centered on the target.”

A significant addition to this update is the new Angling skill. The traditional fishing mechanic of Project: Gorgon has now been expanded with this sub-skill. Players can now use a fishing pole, bait, and a body of water with catchable fish to practice Angling. Players who want to explore this skill should visit Roshun the Traitor in Serbule.

As part of the balance changes, adjustments have been made to the abilities of the Warden, Weather Witch, Giant Bat, and Fire Magic classes. The developers emphasize that these changes are “relatively modest,” and they will reevaluate and adjust further after more observation.

Updates to settings provide a wider array of options for tab targeting and keybinding. Also, a major revamp in the UI includes animated stat bars, improved nameplate placement, bug fixes for tooltips and mouse cursor, and avatar portraits among others.

There are also several changes to graphics and animation, including wolf and cow animations, bard and instrument-playing animations, and new VFX for all Battle Chemistry abilities.

Finally, the update comes with a plethora of bug fixes and tweaks, impacting a wide range of gameplay elements, from legacy equipment, recipes, abilities, quest errors, and much more.

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